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We believe


1. Health is our basic right. Our greatest wealth and asset, designed so we are optimal in our complete state of physical, social and emotional well-being. Health is the underpinning, passport and our body's vehicle to experience the 7 areas of our human life, regardless of sex, color, creed or religion.



2. You and I are a powerful, resourceful self-repairing and self-healing, collection of cells, tissues, organs (body) designed to experience life through our senses.



3. Your nervous system is the first system formed in human creation from sperm and egg. From day 14 to the end of your life it controls and co-ordinates via messages, every thought, function, pain and healing, of cells to systems in your body. It situates in the brain, spine and the network distributes through all of you.




4. The experience of regular adjustments have a progressive profound effect on your health. Empowerment of your nervous system and living the daily ancient olympic inspired ideals, 'dream' for wellbeing will enhance the human experience for your time and those who will come after you.

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